The Old Fire Station, Old Market, Nailsworth, Gloucestershire

Pedro Ximenez Antique, Bodegas Rey Fernando Castilla

One of the most exceptional of the small, independent sherry houses, Fernando de Castilla was revitalised in 1999 by Jan Pettersen, a Norwegian gone native, with a passion for top quality sherry with 15 years’ experience at Osborne. After taking over the cellars of the Sherry shipper Jose Bustamante, located next door to the main facilities of Fernando de Castilla, Jan quickly established Fernando de Castilla as masters of the production and ageing of fine, unblended, untreated Sherries. The bodega’s reputation is based on the excellence of the Antique range of intensely pure and complex single solera Sherries whose award winning packaging makes them even more impressive.

The Pedro Ximenez Antique has all the drama and intensity you would expect from a 20 year old plus, 500g/l sugar PX, and you can drink it too. Delicious, seductive and rich. There is coffee, liquorice, sweet tobacco, prunes, figs, raisins, tea and a dozen other fleeting scents with a surprising lightness and delicacy. An incredible, seductive, luscious and wonderful to drink sherry.

Ideal with chocolates and chocolate based desserts, ice creams, ginger cake, as well as strong and blue cheeses. Best served at 10-12 degrees Centigrade.

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