The Old Fire Station, Old Market, Nailsworth, Gloucestershire

Natural Spring Water, Tufapure Whitehole

Whitehole Spring Water is naturally produced in the Mendip Hills in Somerset. On its journey to the spring it travels through a unique limestone rock called Tufa, a geological wonder that is only found in a few places throughout the world and is quite rare in the UK. Tufa rock is, on a geological scale, a young rock. It’s pitted and sponge-like appearance is a direct result of its formation from mosses, twigs, leaves and snail shells forming calcified materials over many decades. Thanks to the unique properties of Tufa, the water retains the essence of calcium, giving it a uniquely sweeter and smoother taste.

Tufapure spring water is Calcium enriched and low in sodium. Naturally sourced to produce a unique and refreshing taste. Naturally purified from deep within the protected landscape through white tufa rock. Available in still or lightly sparkling.

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