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Kummel, Mentzendorf

Since 1985, Mentzendorff Kummel has been distilled, true to the original recipe, by Combier Distillery in the Loire Valley in their world famous stills designed by Gustave Eiffel. Upon its arrival in Britain, this clear, aniseed liqueur flavoured with caraway seeds made its mark on the British palate as “the principal liqueur of Russia”. Today, Mentzendorff Kummel is held in high regard by golf clubs who offer post-round doses of “putting mixture”, and with bartenders who appreciate its complex and stimulating flavour that is ripe for cocktail experimentation.

Caraway seeds are placed into vats with natural alcohol derived from sugar beet. The pot stills are steam heated for seven hours with steam passing under the stills at 152°C at 7 bar pressure. After a second distillation the clear, stable liquid is mixed with sugar and reduced to 38% abv with ionised water. It remains in vats for two months prior to bottling. It is then rinsed with a neutral spirit, filled and wax sealed by hand.

Kummel has a powerful, lifted aroma of aniseed, liquorice and cumin. On the palate these flavours are enhanced by a sweetness making it a perfect digestif to end a meal. Best served chilled or even straight from the freezer.

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