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Graham’s Crusted Port

Graham’s is owned by the Symington family, Port producers for over 100 years and through 4 generations, and whose ancestor made one of the first shipments of Port in 1652, more than three centuries ago. Seven members of the family manage all aspects of the wine-making from the vineyards to bottling.

Made from a selection of very fine young Ports from two or three harvests, drawn principally from Quinta dos Malvedos, Quinta das Lages, Vila Velha and Vale de Malhadas. The wines from these different vineyards and harvests are blended together and kept in oak casks prior to being bottled without any filtration. Once bottled, the wine is matured for a further three years in the Graham’s cellars before release for sale. Therefore, by the time Graham’s Crusted reaches you, it will have gained the superb elegance and style that only time in bottle can give to a great Port.  The date on the label is the date of bottling, not the harvest date, because Crusted Port is a blend of excellent wines from two or three very good harvests.  Graham’s is one of the very few Port companies to still make crusted Port.

This 2013 Graham’s Crusted Port has a deep ruby colour and the nose is a complex aroma of black fruits and hints of mint and eucalyptus. You will need to decant for the sediment.

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