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Cabidos Cuvee Saint Clement Doux

The Château and estates of Cabidos is family owned and comprises twenty acres located just below the village of Cabidos, in the north of the Béarn, near the famous slopes of Jurançon in south-western France. The family wine business was revived by Isabelle de Nazelle in 1992 and developed by her son Vivien, with his wife Maleine and brother Edouard, together with Jean-Michel Novelle, a Swiss oenologist of international renown.

In 2002, an air-conditioned cellar was built to ensure the wine was properly stored and in 2007, Mrs. Méo Sakorn-Sériès became the Cellar Master. Méo Sakorn-Sériès is unique in being the only Thai woman to be a director of a vineyard and winery in the whole of France. In 2015, new owners acquired Château de Cabidos with the aim of continuing its legacy and traditions and producing more of its exceptionally prized wines.

The Petit Manseng grape, which comes from the Pyrenean region of France, is the predominant variety occupying 16 acres of the vineyards, and produces both sweet and dry white wines. Petit Manseng ripens late in the season and is particularly well suited for the production of great, sweet wines.It is an ideal grape for the climate in the Béarn because they are blessed with long, sunny autumns that allow ‘passerillage’. That is to say, the grapes can dry naturally on the vine, which gives them a high sugar concentration and the development of complex aromas of candied fruit, ideal for exquisite sweet wines.

The Cabidos Cuvee Saint Clement Doux is a sweet white wine made from the latest harvested grapes which are raisined and concentrated. Aged 11-12 months in new barrels the result is a wine that exudes exotic scents, with pineapple, mango or lychee with a touch of honey. A refreshing and elegant dessert wine.

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